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Custom watercolor portraits of pets and animals. 


Please be sure to read the commission requirements before placing your order


Check out our policy on muliple subjects if that applies to you!



About the artist:  Kate Wilson is a seasoned trainer and consultant in animal behavior and has worked with a wide ranging variety of domestic and exotic species, including but not limited to dogs, cats, pigs, parrots, turkeys, cougars, dingos, alligators, kangaroos, porquipines, horses, goats, cows, small reptiles of all sorts... curiousities of from every continent.  Her eye for art and training share the same approach of curious observation and empathy.  She is a committed naturalist, forager, and homesteader with specific focus on sustainability and equity.  We believe these qualities give her an approach that sets her work apart from the rest.  

Pet Portrait

SKU: 364215376135191
    • Unframed paintings are on a high quality watercolor paper and shipped safely nestled between thick sheets of cardboard. 


    • Framed paintings are on high quality watercolor paper, in black finish frames with white mats, shipped in boxes with ample padding to protect the glass. 


    • The level of detail in the work is dependant on the quality of reference photos customers can supply.  The highest quality photo possible, at the angle that is desired, will result in the highest quality painting.  Please feel free to ask questions before purchase!  We can always be reached at


    • For single pets, we most recommend a 9x12 painting.


    •  We do not recommend more than 2 pets in a 9x12 painting, and suggest that you size up for 3 or 4 subjects. 
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