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 Please read this description in its entirety to ensure this event is for you! 


Welcome and thank you for your interest!  Lonely Hearts Speed Daters (for friendship and more) Vol. II  will be held May 17th, 2024 at The Regal Beagle from 6:30pm-9:30pm.  There is abundant free parking around the bar. The venue entrance is accessible to all, however we’ve received feedback that the restrooms are too small for some people with their mobility devices.  If you use health or mobility tools and are interested in this event, we can send you photos and dimensions of the restrooms so you can make an informed decision prior to committing to the event. Please ensure a prompt arrival so that we can sort out name tags and identifiers, familiarize yourself with date stations, and address any questions or concerns before things kick off.  We will be on the mic with instructions starting at 6:50 and dates will begin promptly at 7pm.  


A fee of $20 is due prior to the event. Once we receive this registration application, you will receive a message to confirm participation, give more specific details, and provide payment options!   ***YOUR SPOT IS NOT CONFIRMED UNTIL PAYMENT IS RECEIVED***  This fee will include 2 drink tickets and a curated evening of mini-dates.  This fee is non-refundable within 72 hours of the event, so if something comes up, please give us an early heads up!


This event is capped at 20 participants who will experience six-minute dates with each other participant.  Some dates include limited food and drink service (included in the cost.) Stations without food or drinks will feature other games and activities, and all stations will have conversation starter questions on the table!  There will be three breaks in the schedule to attend to personal needs.  Rough Schedule with 1 minute between dates to find the next station: 5 dates (34 minutes), 6 minute break, 5 dates (34 minutes), 10 minute break, 4 dates (27 minutes), 6 minute break, 5 dates (34 minutes), wrap up! 


Lonely Hearts Volume 2 (1).png



1. Don't be lookin’ at your phone during dates!


2. DO NOT exchange numbers or socials at this event.  This is a big one.  Don’t do it.  We will provide you with a summary after the event with everyone you matched interest with (for dating and/or friendship) and provide their contact information, as soon as possible the next day.


3. Be respectful to all of the speed daters and expect that same respect in return.  Don’t discuss details of your dates with other participants during the event.  If someone is being creepy or rude, please let us know!  We want everyone to feel safe and have a great night. 


Finally, this is a non-traditional speed dating event, to best accommodate a beautiful diversity of participants.  It is not unlikely that you will be paired with other speed daters that are not aligned with your gender and/or orientation preferences. During those dates, please make use of good conversation, games, and activities!  As much as we hope that people find one or more matches for dating, we know there is great potential for new friendships as well.  Have fun with it!


None of your information will be shared with outside parties, and will only be utilized for the purpose of this speed dating event!   Please direct any questions to Anna Potter at by email at or by text only at 734-660-4335.  Thank you!

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