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Hand forged tongs, nearly one pound of steel.  Strong and functional, but never at the expense of presentation.  Artist Wade Buck explores the intersections of art and practicality with a series of functional tools for the kitchen.


About the artist: 


 ​Wade Buck has been working within the metal art field for more than ten years. Though his artworks are created from various metals, they are influenced by fabrication techniques and experiences in architectural work, textile, ceramics, woodworking, landscaping, and blown glass. Wades’ recent work is exploring the interrelationships and intentions between the maker and the material. Through his aspired process of representation, his intent is to approach a conversation of materiality by staying true to chosen materials and their inherent properties. 

 Wade received his Bachelor of Fine Arts from Northern Michigan University. Before leaving the Upper Peninsula he was also an apprentice artist under Gordon Gearhart and taking on various architectural commissions of his own. While enrolled as a candidate for the Master of Fine Arts degree at Eastern Michigan University, Wade wrote articles about contemporary blacksmithing for national and international publications and exhibited nationwide. In the studio, he is continuing to experiment with raised copper hollowware, traditional ironwork, and jewelry techniques for new sculptural forms and an investigation of materiality.


 "My mission as an educator is to establish an understanding and appreciation of the visual arts and crafts, while generating excitement through the creative process and class discussions to stimulate imaginations. Learning an overview of multiple materials and processes students are given insight to what may excite them and are encouraged to pursue opportunities that arouse their creativity. Class discussions and critiques will serve as an open platform to discuss the formal and social qualities of finished work and harbor an empathic environment to promote self-exploration."

BBQ Tongs

SKU: 63
  • This item is made of forged steel and seasoned with peanut oil

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